Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Caption Competition #3

No, don't adjust your screen. That really is our Porky Philosopher's stomach. Is he pregnant?  Twins?  Or just spending too much time with that famous German export.  Nietzsche?  Nah, the other one.  Hamburgers.  Perhaps a sit up or two would be in order. His stomach is larger than his ego.
Or maybe he's just full of shit.
Bring your best insolence, impertinence, and juvenility.


  1. First.

    I have not seen a body like that since, well, forever. Has the man no shame?

  2. He looks more like an animal dressed up in a shirt and jacket.

  3. I think it an error to give this individual this much attention.

    I have yet to hear him speak directly on issues regarding the cost of law school, the actual value of a law degree generally in the labor market, the insipid economics behind the government loan programs, and so on.

    Intellectual and abstract jargon defending the status quo is useless, except to inflame people emotionally.

    I am interested in hearing from people with data, and more data, and ways in which it is interpreted. The realities will not change no matter what the liberal progressive apparatchiks may say.

    1. "I have yet to hear him speak directly on issues regarding the cost of law school, the actual value of a law degree generally in the labor market, the insipid economics behind the government loan programs, and so on."

      That's because this obsessive creep has been too busy slandering everyone who does speak directly on these issues.

  4. My point exactly. Don't give him an audience. After all, what value do his comments really provide? Give me the data, and more data. I am a T10 law review guy, top 2%, good career for 25 years, and "credentials". I can assure you no one is really interested in hearing how smart or not smart I may be. And no one is really interested in what a philosophy professor has to say either (the ultimate insult to these guys is to have people not take them seriously because it undermines their sense of intellectual superiority which is their elixir) I am no better than my last piece of work, which has to add value, or I don't get to keep doing what it is I do.

    Like it or not, the numbers really, really matter. And so do the laws and policies on deeply flawed and unconscionable loan instruments that would make a loan shark blush (think I am kidding? No.)

    In this vein, this blog does pay some attention to the numbers and I think it very helpful. My suggestion would be to do it even more than is done now.

    1. Numbers are good, and we get numbers here 6 days out of 7. I don't mind one day of the week being for slamming those who either (1) vocally support the status quo w.r.t. law schools, or (2) try to discredit those who speak up against change.

      Leiter is in the (2) category. He doesn't necessarily support the status quo, but he does his best to destroy those who speak out for more change than he is willing to give up (which is basically any change that might lessen his false prestige).

      So for me, Leiter is a target. But that said, do we not have any other targets that could use a good slamming? I'm kinda Leitered-out (other than the guy who posts poems by Maurice Leiter - those are funny.)

  5. Guy looking at Leiter: "So tell me, Professor, what are your thoughts on how Neitzsche's latter work applies to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and what resolutions he may have seen as acceptable."

    Leiter: "OINK!"

  6. I TOLD you shitstains to STOP criticizing Leiter on this site. Stop it - fucking STOP it!!!

    Your ongoing stupidity is really starting to piss me off. I'll let it slide one last time, but with God as my witness, if there is ONE more goddamn post about Leiter or Painter, I will go directly to the FBI about it. Just fucking try me.

    It's time for me to STAND UP against cyberbullying by a bunch of anon shitturds. Consider this friendly little warning to be my final act of charity.

    I've been more than patient with you jobless wonders. It's on you now. Big boy rules. Do your fucking job, moderator!

    1. You need to study Leiter's writing style much more closely if you want to impersonate him.

      Use the following tropes:

      1) Use much longer and more complex words and sentences. The above post is way, way too simple for Leiterism.

      2) Extensively quote anonymous comments from "a colleague", who remarkably, writes exactly like Leiter.

      3) Accuse your opponents of being mentally ill and/or criminals (especially if your opponent is Campos).

      4) Pretend not to be familiar with the facts of the dispute, but then write followup posts that show an obsessive knowledge of the most trivial facts of the dispute.

      5) Point out that your opponents are utterly evil and wrong, and Leiter is wonderfully pure and good. (A slight variation on this is to ascribe some small fault to Leiter - Leiter has figured out that his writing style is as identifiable as a fingerprint, so he is trying to mix it up a little. You can ignore Leiter's small fault in your followup posts.)

      6) Claim that Leiter doesn't use sockpuppets.

      7) Always insist on having the last word.

      You're welcome!

    2. Use the following post from "Pushkin" as a model (it doesn't have the imaginary colleague, but it contains the other tropes:


      The post was about Campos, Bob, not about law schools. Legal practice is changing structurally in ways that will affect everyone in the field for years to come, and law schools will have to adapt to whatever changes emerge (as many are beginning to). But Campos doesn’t have anything to say about any of that and never has. He’s just a mouthpiece for the whinings of self-important twenty-somethings who picked a bad time to play out the “what’s the easiest thing to do next with my life” strategy, and found that they weren’t competitive at the next level, particularly in a world of shrinking opportunities. Such people think throwing tantrums will cause daddy or mommy to make it stop hurting, but that part of life is over and isn’t coming back. I hope they’re able to salvage something from the years they have left, but the signs are not good.

  7. Painter, fuck off.

    Seriously, fuck off. The FBI will not shut this blog down, nor will the cops. They have better things to do with their time, like catching criminals, not catching people who piss Painter off. I'm surprised that they haven't jailed you for wasting their time (but then again, I doubt you've called the cops).

    Get a life, tard. You have done more damage to scamblogging than you can believe. You failed at scamblogging, and you're pissed that this blog has received 10 times more hits than your pathetic bullshit you blogged about, like:

    - your transcript (yawn)
    - story about your grandfather (yawn, and he was a pervert)
    - some shit about Allstate that people never read past the first paragraph of
    - some banjo crap
    - etc.

    Go away. You are a loser. And I hope your parents die soon.


      That is it. You had your chance. I am going to the FBI's field office tomorrow morning at 9 sharp. Hell, I may even camp outside the office tonight like I'm trying to buy tickets to a rock concert.

      You anon cowards ARE the fucking criminals. You hide behind the Internet and wish for my parents to fucking die? You wouldn't DARE run your mouth like that if this was a public forum, you filth. Do you not fucking UNDERSTAND that?!

      Enjoy the final few days of your trash blog before it gets shut down by the authorities, you imbeciles.

      You'll see. And then you will wish you had never crossed me.

    2. The only thing you're likely to camp outside for is tickets to a COCK concert, not a rock concert.

      Please, go tell the FBI that you constantly troll blogs and disrupt discussions and provoke readers and make people mad and claim to be never posting again but continue to violate the blog with your trash.

      Go right ahead.

      And I'm sure the FBI will drop all of their terrorism investigations and major crime investigations and shit like that, all so they can come here and tell us to be nice to you.

      FUCK OFF, and you will never hear from us again.

      CONTINUE TO COMMENT HERE, and we will continue to respond.

      Your choice, Kocksucker. This is NOT about you, but if you continue to make it about you, so will we.

    3. Have it your way, you fucking coward. 10 hrs and 17 minutes until the FBI field office doors open and I walk in.

      You're about to experience a RUDE AWAKENING.

      Tick tock, tick tock ...

    4. Tick tock, tick tock...

      Still waiting for a Painter/FBI update. I guess the fact that no black helicopers are flying overhead is a good sign, and no FBI SWAT team rapelling down and kicking in windows and doors to bust this international organized anti-Painter crime ring.

      I guess you were too hung over to get out of bed this morning. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.