Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Caption Competition #1

Here's the first of the Wednesday Caption Competition posts.  Any ideas what Leiter's buddy is saying to him, and what Leiter's response is?

Post your answers in the comments section!


  1. Buddy:

    "That guy needs to be purged, too."


    "What was his IP address, again?"

  2. Bud: "Did you just fart?"

    Leity: "No, that's what my breath smells like because of my rotten teeth."

    1. Ah, the low hanging fruit. But funny!

  3. I understand that the author wants to be satirical and amusing, but this Post is really all wrong.

    All it will do is inflame Leiter for sure, and I say that as someone that came from a very bottom tier law school and from a class of law grads and for whom Leiter has no application or relevance.

    Whatever went on between leiter and Campos is all in house and upper tier. If not, then explain.

    Can someone please give a few lines or maybe even more, to summarize why Leiter is despised so much, and what the purpose is of pissing him off even more?

    I mean, other than a head in the clouds layer cake and mafia etc. post thingy of a thing WTF?

    1. Go read his posts, and read the state of affairs summed up nicely by LawProf at LG&M. Leiter is actively trying to "out" critics of law schools (not just critics of Leiter), he is secretly obtaining IP addresses if critics, getting their user info, and trying to threaten them, destroy their careers, and maintain the system.

      This ABSOLUTELY affects us all as law students and grads. Do you not understand that?


    2. A couple things in addition to 12:11's great point.

      (1) Apparently Leiter needed to be inflamed to the point where his trolling and outing was completely exposed by the internet public. Now his trolling of scamblogs and outing of scambloggers will be much less effective (if it even persists).

      (2) It seems that Leiter is seen as a sort of leader amongst lower-tier law professors (e.g. those on prawfsblog). Those law professors probably looked to him to keep the anti-scamblogging going so that they could continue the scam and keep their lower-tier institutions going.

      IMHO, we should not take the heat off of this disgusting human being.

  4. "I can't believe they don't have a Nobel Prize for Law School ranking-research."

    "Dude, you would SO win that, hardcore."

  5. ^^^^No no no no no!

    I am not Leiter.

    The blog administrator of this blog now has my IP address and knows that.

    But to me the in house quarrels of uh.....what's the word....the "anchorites" of the top ivory towers -you know, the castle pieces on the chessboard- bear no relevance to me.

    I'm just a 4th tier pawn with limited movement.

    And how many times has a pawn been able to checkmate a King? I dunno?

    Unless you can say for sure that the face of Leiter, like the face of God from the book of Geniuses, holds sway over all of the 200 law schools and also over the whole student lending industry.

    For sure that is a stretch.

    And cosmetic dentistry nowadays can do wonders and take care of the teeth within a very short span of time.

    The guy has feelings too.

    And given that he is pretty close to retirement, I doubt very much that Leiter will extend too much effort towards other people's careers and maintaing a system which he surely is smart enough to know is not without its problems.

    And if leiter wants my IP address he can have it with a right good will!

    But have a heart.

    1. "And given that he is pretty close to retirement"

      Huh? The guy turns 50 this year.

      Just because his spartan lifestyle of thinking great thoughts and contemplating Nietzsche (along with the occasional harassment of his social and intellectual inferiors) makes him look much, much older than he is, doesn't mean that he is anywhere close to retirement.

    2. Our friend Mr. Leiter (I can't call him Professor) has just publicly destroyed the reputation of a recent law grad on his blog, in payback for a one line and ignorable email. In fact Mr. Leiter went far out of his way to destroy that person.

      Then he put out a public call for information about another commenter on the scamblogs, the highly esteemed dybbuk, asking for information that would destroy him too.

      And he has been getting fed IP tracking and login information by his faculty friends at other blogs and has been using that to threaten other posters.

      He can probably stop this any time he wants. An apology for trashing that guy who emailed him would be a start.

    3. @1231,

      So what about this big promise of yours to stop posting comments?

      Moderator, please help this peckerhead keep his promise. Delete his posts.

    4. And now painter protects Leiter? They have to be one and the same.

    5. No, no, no, no, no.

      Painter does not want to "protect" Leiter (whatever that is supposed to mean)

      Let me try to say it again: Leiter is, to me, a spokesperson for the upper tier and better schools, and so is Campos.

      And so one fine day the upper tier people decided to argue about it all upon Mt. Olympus and they even tore up great mounds of earth and threw them at each other etc blah blah.

      But that ain't got nothing to do with 3rd and 4th tier reality, which in my mind was the original premise for scamblogging.

      To put it bluntly: The bottom feeder diploma mills feeding from the student lending teat and at the trough etc etc etc etc.

      And so Leiter and me don't know each other for nuthin or from Adam.

      But still, I suppose there are a lot of prissy and disgruntled upper tier law grads poking around with even much bigger attitudes than I have.

      And so the lack of communication.

      To me, I look up and am poor and Leiter is actually a teacher.

      To you, that are his peers, you look aside and are probably in the most unenviable and soul destroying situation of all: Jealous

      Frankly, I sometimes wonder if I would be better off as John Claggart than as Johnny whatshisface?

    6. Leiter has been the pit bull for third and fourth tier professors for too long now. This monster needs to be stopped.

      Oh, what jealousy that is.

    7. Painter at 1.23pm, you have a point. Scam blogging is about protecting the most vulnerable, the most abused 3rd and 4th tier nobodies. But Leiter serves the purpose of making everybody think that the prestige of top tier law applies across the board, and that what is good for him and his bright students at Chicago must therefore be good for us all. He applies what he sees in his school - smart kids, good jobs, bullshit academia not being much if a problem - and he thinks that it's the same at lower tier schools. He thinks that because only lazy losers from Chicago don't get jobs, that only lazy losers from lower tier schools don't get jobs, he thinks that high unemployment at low tier schools is our fault.

      He is drawing the fire. He has set himself up as a spokesperson for professors. He is therefore the target of our criticism when we think he is wrong. Put yourself in the public eye voluntarily and you become a target.

      He hoped to be the savior of Professorkind. He'll end up being the reason law schools close.

    8. "Our friend Mr. Leiter (I can't call him Professor) has just publicly destroyed the reputation of a recent law grad on his blog, in payback for a one line and ignorable email"

      This is all observation and from a true bottom. I have no relation to the parties suggested below:

      Leiter can very well destroy, as you say, within the limitations of his reach, IMHO.

      But if you weren't so damn offensive and were to redact that nasty supposition, and to be more friendly and less of an uptight shit, all is or might possibly be over and forgiven.

      All of you upper tier snobs forget yourselves.

      This is, after all, just the inferior medium of blogging.

      And the ddbunk thing can all be pulled back by Leiter and dealt with IMHO. But youse elitist guys are playing politics like a bull in a closet

      Alls I am saying is that the olive branch is better than the eagle claw with the hand of 13 arrows and stars etc.

      If you really want to hear from the horses mouth of Leiter, just simply ask him. Point Blank.

      Give him a phone call, or send him a hard copy letter or an email.

      But please let us all get past the blogging phase and try to finally understand who is actually talking to whom.

      Scamblogging will never advance without all and everyone publicly saying who they are.

      No upper tier person of any relevance will care about anything I say, but I do hope I can add some insight from the very bottom, if possible.


      The Roach

      Soon to be banned because he is indebted shit

  6. Friend : That isn't five inches!

    Leiter : It's not fully erect yet. Keep talking about me...ah...yes...there! I told you. Five and one sixteenth!

    1. Leiter, is that you? Anything over 1&1/4" is just dreaming on your part

  7. Buddy:

    "So what will you do after you finally crush the scambloggers, Brian?"


    "Achieve Complete World Domination!
    All of humanity will be kneeling at my feet!
    Then Harvard will have to hire me!"

  8. I love the yellow breath speech bubble for Leiter? Deliberate?


    1. Is he British? From like 500 years ago?

    2. I'd like to see Leiter's magical list of dentist rankings for lulz.

    3. Damn, Leiter needs to visit a dentist, use a good razor daily, and changer barbers. What a dysgenic disaster.

  10. Buddy: thanks for the reach around
    Leiter: any time

  11. Advisor: Your Majesty, somebody criticized your teeth on the internet.

    Leiter: In criticizing WE, their Philosopher-King, this insolent helot is attacking Philosophy itself. Summon the Royal Executioner.

    1. The only crowns the Philosopher-King should have are dental implants.

  12. Best bud - "No a penis goes out. Like a sausage. That's a vagina. I know these things. As a fellow law professor, I've seen one in a biology textbook when I was taking the prestigious Biology 101 couse at Harvard in 1970. I'm an expert in ladies' vaginas."

    Leiter - "Wha?"

  13. I'm not sure how I feel about these kinds of posts. I kind of want to engage in a higher level dialogue than this. At the same time it is funny and good for blowing off steam.

    1. Agreed, but can we leave this frivolity for Wednesdays only?


  15. Honest to god...

    Creepy Leiter:

  16. Scam thesaurus pop quiz:


    A: it starts with a B and ends with an R, B____ __________R;
    That's right, the correct answer is Pablo Neruda. C' mon, everybody knows that, even Britard Doucher knows that!