Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Leiter's Phone Hacked! Photos Found!

Somebody hacked Brian Leiter's phone and forwarded me some pictures that were found. Below is one of the less "explicit".  Looks like our favorite plump professor has got him some sweet gangsta-style chest ink.  Could that be his professor gang name that he's rocking?  Check out what he seems to have emailed his professor buddies, all of whom I'm sure are green with envy.  Or from nausea.

(Professor Piety thought it was awesome, and promised to send a pic of hers back.  Which is, incidentally, on her back.  A tramp stamp.  I'll see if I can find that one for you all.)

More photos next week.


  1. Childish and poorly executed.

    But terribly funny!

  2. Sorry to be stuffy, but I don't see how this advances the cause at all. Attack the man's ideas, not the man's physicality.

    1. Leiter's overweight form as humorously depicted in this photograph is obviously a metaphor for the bloated institutions of our legal education system. Brilliant!

  3. These posts add nothing. Focus on the issues. Leiter seems like a weasel but attacking him does nothing.

  4. Down vote here too.

  5. Hate to attack a fellow writer but this is so unnecessary. I think this post should be removed.

  6. WWCD? (What Would Campos Do?)

    Probably not this (and I say that with full knowledge of what an odious personality Leiter possesses).

    Ad hominem is probably not the way to least not right now. You're just generating sympathy for Mr. Leiter-swine among his fellow fence-sitting faculty members. Let the faculty know how much many of their former students are suffering and maybe a few more will fall our way.

    1. Campos *couldn't* do this, even if he wanted to. He had limits imposed upon him by the very nature of his profession. That doesn't mean that he doesn't smirk when he comes here and sees these things.

      Remember, even Jesus gets his cock sucked when he goes to Vegas. A little harmless fun hurts nobody.

  7. Oh pleeze! It's amusing. Anyone who sees it knows that it's not real, nor is it particularly offensive. Someone stuck a head on a body and wrote "INSOLENT" across the chest.

    Compared to what I would have posted (think along the lines of Craigslist-style gay male personals photo, but with a massive Nitsche tache in place of the public hair), this stuff is tame!

    You need to "leiten" up.

  8. "These posts add nothing. Focus on the issues."

    Legit newspapers and magazines have comics. Why can't we?

  9. Because we are not a newspaper or magazine. We are people attempting to persuade others to adopt our point of view. That requires facts and at least a measure of sobriety. No one takes the comics seriously, either.

    1. No one takes scamblogs seriously, either.

      Get over yourself, Mr. High Horse. It's one post per week. It's silly. It's funny. Big deal. It will be forgotten tomorrow.

    2. You are dead wrong anon at 1:48, plenty of people took the scamblogs seriously.

      Pretty much everyone in the law school business does. I remember reading Nando's earlier blog posts and seeing Prof. Tamanaha introducing himself there for the first time. Law Deans deride the blogs in their public comments for a reason: they are contributing to the plummet in law school applicants.

      Major media outlets such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal do.

      I'm not saying we are the main reason for the drop in applications and change in the conventional wisdom, but we have definitely played a part.

    3. Yes, but is not part of the strength of the scamblogs the fact that they don't play by the rules, that they are "insolent", and that they generate buzz through challenging conventional wisdom (such as professors being untouchable pillars of society, instead of having their fair share of intolerable assholes like Leiter?)

      I see where you're coming from with trying to make this a more dignified forum that might attract the right kind of attention, but unless we keep professors looking over their shoulders and worrying that they are going to be targetted for public ridicule if they start pretending that everything is cool with law school, then they will happily ignore us.

      We need a little bite once in a while, not just a strong bark.

    4. Nando does it the right way: he posts outrageous pictures of fecal matter, but instead of merely a personal attack (though he does those, very humorously), he backs everything up with facts and expert opinions.

      If the poster here had more to say then I would be more amenable. We're not here to bully, we're here to help people and to play a part (however small) in changing public policy.

    5. I guess adjunctlawprofessor should post a pic of Leiter taking a shit (or someone taking a shit on Leiter), then launch into a vile five paragraph attach (which I love, Nando!)

      We know for a fact that Leiter is obese. Look at the photo from last week, which I believe was unaltered. I don't doubt that he looks like the above without his shirt on. That's kinda factual.

      I thought this "attack" was fairly tasteful. No foul language, subtle(ish), and not worth calling to delete. If you're going to play the delete game, this isn't the worst piece on this site by a long way.

      Diffrent opinions, I guess.

    6. "Because we are not a newspaper or magazine. We are people attempting to persuade others to adopt our point of view. That requires facts and at least a measure of sobriety."

      1:19 here. Are you saying we have to meet a higher standard of seriousness than newspapers or magazines? There is plenty of persuasive, sober, fact-based writing on this site. I don't see how an occasional moment of levity undermines that.

  10. And yes--- this post should be removed, immediately.

  11. "Mountain View"

    By Maurice Leiter

    Rocky mountains,
    snow-covered peaks like
    glazed cakes.
    He loves his cakes.
    And burgers.
    And fries.
    Cocky mountains,
    my cocky fountain
    covering his mountainous tits with my
    His mouth waters and he salivates
    over the thought of my sweet ejaculate.
    Brian’s tits, my glaze.
    We’re gays.
    His gaze upon my rocky cock, stiff like a ski pole.
    Ski, Brian, Ski!
    Ski on the avalanche of my white pee!

    1. Repulsive.

      Yet had me in tears of laughter reading it. Congratulations, good sir! Particular credit for "salivates" and "ejaculate" - a fine pairing indeed.

    2. This is the scamblog world's finest schtick. Fucking incredible. Please don't listen to these naysayers. These poems are killer.

    3. Vile, cruel, disgraceful, and brilliant. I am glad that this anonymous poet is not my enemy.

    4. This is actually a pretty good poem. Probably will not win many awards because of its content, but the writer is talented.

  12. I am no fan of the person portrayed, and the tattoo is extremely funny.

    My objection is this: the post may inadvertently wound persons other than what's-his-name.

    My guess is that many law school scam victims have an obesity problem. The reason is this: food is an inexpensive form of self-medication, and persons who have had their lives ruined by the law school scammers are probably self-medicating by overeating, as well in other ways.

    I wouldn't want this site to make any scam victim feel bad, only the scammers.

  13. ^^^THIS^^^

    What a waste of debate. This was our funny Wednesday post, and it delivered.

    25 comments, when we should all have been focusing on the other post today, which received 9 comments.

    Everyone needs to stop acting like the decency police. If they were truly interested in furthering the debate about the scam, they would not have spent their entire day here fussing over a funny picture, and would instead have commented elsewhere on this site.

    I think we can allow ourselves on picture per week. I hope next week, it's the above-referenced "tramp stamp"...

  14. Me again. I forgot to add, I'm sure Leiter himself smirked when he saw this one. It's really rather amusing.

  15. There are a dozen blog writers each taking a different approach. Enjoy and return.

  16. Gunnery Sergeant HartmanMarch 27, 2013 at 8:08 PM

  17. The Struggle Against Insolence Is Eternal, Comrades!

    A.J. Vyshinsky
    Prosecutor General of the USSR
    Making A Final Argument During A Great Purge Trial
    August 22, 1937

    "We have now come to the end of our judicial proceedings. We are making the final summary. We are drawing our last deductions in preparation, within a few hours, perhaps, to hear your verdict, the verdict of the Court of the land of Soviets which demands and expects from you a just, unfaltering and implacably stern decision concerning the fate of these people, these contemptible murderers, these vile and insolent enemies of the land of Soviets, of the Soviet people."

  18. The problem is that wasn't funny or clever.

    Leiter is unquestionably a shithead, but that's irrelevant. Attack his acts, not him.

    1. (The paragraph where it cut off in the middle - that was the bit where I described how Leiter then said he was emailing all of the partners at this guy's firm, the intent of which was clearly to get this guy punished or fired by his employer.)

    2. Of fuck this blogger thing - it lost my entire comment.

      Summary - when Leiter stops his personal attacks and breaches of privacy to find out who people are online for the purpose of trying to destroy them, maybe we can. But one silly photo per week is a fraction of what we should be doing to this little man.

      Go refresh your memory about the whole recent Campos/Leiter online fight if you forget the lengths to which Leiter will go to to destroy people. He does not debate, he destroys. That's how he wins. And he would do the same to you given half the chance.

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