Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wasting Away in Baristaville

Why a BA is Now a Ticket to a Job in a Coffee Shop by Megan McArdle (The Daily Beast)

Money Quote: "A growing number of students may be in a credentialling arms race to gain access to routine service jobs."

Money Quote: “The times of graduating from medical school and driving a Porsche are done,” said Dr. Dana Lowenthal, a first-year radiology resident and fourth-generation doctor. “It was never easy, but there was light at the end of the tunnel. This is new territory.”

So, if a BA gets you a job in a coffee shop, and MD radiology dream jobs are disappearing, what does a JD get you?

Study Find Class Affects Law School Experience by Aleksandra Gjorgievska (Yale Daily News)

Money Quote: "When Yale Law School sends out its coveted admission letters, the nation's top-ranked law school may not be guaranteeing an equal shot at success for all members of its future classes, a new report has found....Based on 243 student responses to the survey, the report highlights student concerns related to class differences -- such as access to informal networks that are only available to upper-class students -- and recommends strategies for addressing them."

So..."All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"? At the end of the day the LSAT and GPA don't really matter? It comes down to class and networks?

The Case Against the Law Firm Billable Hour by Steven J. Harper (New York Times Op-Ed)

Money Quote: "The billable-hour system is the way most lawyers in big firms charge clients, but it serves no one. Well, almost no one. It brings most equity partners in those firms great wealth. Law firm leaders call it a leveraged pyramid. Most associates call it a living hell."

Steven J. Harper seems to be publishing articles everywhere in support of his new book The Lawyer Bubble: A Profession in CrisisHas anybody read the book? Anything new in it?

Government Data Reveal Freestanding Private Law Schools Growing Reliance on GRAD Plus Loans by Matt Leichner (AmLaw Daily)

Money Quote: "Private law schools in general have rapidly absorbed new forms of federal lending, and they are a dominant player in the Grad PLUS Loan Program. Due to the heavy debts and poor employment outcomes that graduates of FSP law schools must contend with, it's likely that we'll be hearing more about them as they grapple with fewer resources. With the Higher Education Act up for renewal this year, hopefully we will also see more calls for ending the unlimited lending law schools thrive on."

I hereby call for ending the unlimited lending law schools thrive on. (Great article with lots of statistics to back up his arguments. Worth a read for those of you filling out applications to Cooley and New England School of Law.)

Alums' Bellwether Fraud Suit Against New York Law School Fails on Appeal by Karen Sloan (Connecticut Law Tribune)

Money Quote: "[The law school alumni attorney] Strauss expressed disappointment that his team was unable to accomplish its primary goal, which was to secure compensation for the New York Law School plaintiffs, but saw a silver lining: "Our secondary goal was to change the way law schools operate and increase transparency, and we've done that," he said. 

An update for those of you following the scamlaw litigation.

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  1. Over at The Faculty Lounge they are again posting about employment stats.

  2. Stellar summaries, RAB. Like a Twitter feed for this kind of info. More please!

  3. It's only going to get worse, much worse. The Technological Singularity is upon us. In the struggle between capital and labor, capital has won, as labor is no longer needed for capital to grow.

    1. Er, ok Mr. Crazy.

      Is capital going to mend my car? Or clean my toilet? Or build my house? Or cook my food?

      No. People will still have jobs. Not everyone will work in an office and wear a suit to work, but it's not like "The Man" is controlling us all quite yet.

  4. Ok, this is NOT COOL.

    This post is a 20 commenter. You want this blog to survive? Then fucking put some effort in.

    1. It's a weekend for goodness sakes. Even the unemployed bums have better things to do.

  5. What hope does the common lemming have if even Yale can fail?

    It seems like in law today you need a trifecta. An Elite diploma, High Grades, and (most of all) Wealthy and Connected Ancestors.

    Without these a law career will be rocky.

    1. Uh, you can get by with just wealthy and connected relatives.

  6. appeal that mutha to the supreme ct!