Monday, March 11, 2013

More Good Reads from the WWW

“Don’t go to law school. And don’t go to a second-tier law school. And, if you do, make sure it’s accredited for Christ’s sake,” by Hamilton Nolan (Gawker)

Hamilton Nolan continues to mercilessly poke away at law schools. Any peeps out there still considering law school should take a few moments and read the comments in the twenty discussions posted with this article.

Money quote: The title says it all. Literally.

“Just How Bad Off are Law Graduates” by Adam Cohen (Time Magazine)

Adam Cohen provides an overview of the various arguments related to law school employment (or lack thereof). You can sign in with a Google account and leave a comment.

Money quote: “…the one law even lawyers cannot get around is supply and demand.

Pop Goes the Law,” by Steven J. Harper (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Harper points the finger at the usual suspects: U S News, law school deans, Big Law partners.

Money quote: “That loud pop you're hearing is the bursting of the law bubble—firms, schools, and disillusioned lawyers paying for decades of greed and grandiosity.”


  1. It is great to see that the mainstream press is still covering this filthy industry. Perhaps, the writing is on the wall - and these publications want to be able to document the fall of the legal "profession."

  2. I don't think the law school faculty and administrators realize that everyone else in the world (attorneys, law students, and obviously lay people) is enjoying the hell out of watching this slow motion train wreck unfold. Why? For lay people, it's because they hate lawyers across the board. For attorneys/students, it's because we know, intimately, how the faculty and administrators are the most vile swine imaginable.