Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Caption Competition #2

What is our favorite professor . . . philosopher . . . man . . . no, childish lying internet stalker saying, and what is his bored buddy thinking?

And has Leiter put on weight? He's looking decidely round . . . chubby . . . plump . . . fat . . . obese . . .no, just plain disgusting in this pic.  I see that somebody put an apple in front of him on the table, but surely it should be wedged in his mouth, given his porky characteristics? And what is he leering over, stage left? A suitcase of student loan money? His fifth footlong meatball sub of the day? Michael Sevel sporting a fake Nietzsche 'tache, gyrating in nothing but Leiter's tighty-whities?


  1. Leiter: Hitler and I have a favorite philosopher in common!

    Posner: The world needs another bookshelf of my meandering books written in breezy conversational style. I'll call Harvard University Press after Brian finishes up his chat on Hitlerian ethics for lawyers and blog-tending.

  2. This is extremely immature and I'm not sure I like it.

    No, wait a minute. Leiter is the guy who would happily destroy us given the chance, and has taken steps to do exactly that in recent weeks.

    No, I like it.

    In response to Leiter's pompous prattling:

    Old Man: "I wish those bottles were full of bleach instead of water. If he gargles some of that, maybe his teeth wouldn't stink so bad."

  3. 1: Why do I look like Larry David?
    2: Because I look like George Costanza.

    1. That is exactly right. It could be a Seinfeld panel.

    2. ^No shit. It's just missing Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine.

    3. Aduren IndustriesMarch 13, 2013 at 3:52 PM

      Cosmo Kramer: [phone rings, Kramer picks up the phone] Hello... What Aduren Industries?
      George Costanza: [yelling from the bathroom] Aduren! Say Aduren!
      Cosmo Kramer: No, you're way, way, way off. Well yeah, that's the right number, but this is an apartment.
      George Costanza: [rushes out of the toilet with his pants on his knees] Aduren! Say Aduren Industries!
      [falls down]
      Cosmo Kramer: Yeah, no problem.
      [hangs up phone]
      Cosmo Kramer: How did you know who that was?
      Jerry: [enters apartment, sees George lying on the floor with his pants on his ankles] And you wanna be a University of Chicago law professor?

  4. Stage RIGHT, actually.

  5. While Leiter practices scolding two insolent bottles of water, Posner is thinking,"oh great, there's that insufferable douche Leiter who spends all his time tidying up his wikipedia entry, Googling 'Paris Hilton', and jerking off to the thought of frenching Nietzsche's mustache."
    (editors discuss how Leiter is obviously constantly editing his own wikipedia entry while one of Leiter's sock puppets enters the fray and tries to deny this).

  6. Leiter looks like an adult version of Stewie Griffith.

    1. Leiter looks like a load of shit.

  7. Leiter looks like a pedophile.