Saturday, March 2, 2013

New York Judges Want to Kill the Law School Transparency Movement

To: Judge Lippman

As the leader of the state judiciary, you control the development of ethics rules.  Therefore, this letter must be written to you.

This letter is not about the recent mandate, requiring new lawyers with six-figure debt to perform free labor while exempting established lawyers with paychecks from making similar sacrifices.  Of course, this indifference toward the reality faced by new lawyers provides an appropriate place to start.  As the chief judge in Albany, I know that you do not see what many of us in major cities see every day: kids in their 20’s handing out makeshift business cards in court hallways and arraignment parts because no one will hire a person with a new J.D. unless you graduated at the top of the top. 

At alarming rates, new lawyers from wealthier backgrounds move into their parents’ homes and work 50-hour-a-week—for free—hoping to network their way into a paying gig sometime in the next decade.  Many young lawyers have worked non-paying jobs for many years already.  The government and the legal profession take advantage of this slave labor with loopholes in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  The federal judges interpreting the FLSA, some of whom started a new trend of taking on free fulltime clerks, represent the greed that has devastated our young lawyers during the worst crisis ever faced by the profession.  At least the young lawyers from wealthy backgrounds can afford to eat and practice law at the same time. 

The new lawyers without family money work at minimum wage jobs, ironically protected under the FLSA, and receive Medicaid and food stamps.  Outside of the retail and fast food industry, where it is easy to leave law school off of one’s resume, no employer wants to touch a person with a law degree and no experience.  After these new lawyers fall into this trap, most never work as attorneys and never pay back their student debt.  Yet, law schools continue to proliferate and to publish false employment rates of 90% or more and to charge insane tuition ($150,000-$250,000)!

The consensus of data exposes reality.  Even the ABA has started to fess up and recognize that only about 1/3 of law graduates, mostly from the rich private schools, end up employed at $50,000/year or higher.  For the rest of the law schools, the scam is collapsing, but the 25% drop-off in law school applications from students with the top LSAT scores shows that information helps to dissuade people from the law school trap.  Unfortunately, it means the law schools are loading their classes up with less qualified students with a low likelihood of passing the bar exam.  Anything to keep the dollars rolling in—right?  The new law school transparency movement, started by indigent young lawyers, continues to dissuade young people from ruining their lives.  However, this does not help to repair the damage done to an already devastated generation. 

So far, the New York judiciary stands alone by unanimously sweeping under the rug the mess created by bar organizations and law schools.  I did not attend a Tier 4 scam-law-school like New York Law School (NYLS), but let’s be real: any lawsuit brought against a trade school for intentionally falsifying employment data and gouging students and taxpayers for incredible tuition during a recession to maintain the administration’s $300,000-$800,000 salaries would have progressed to the discovery phase—at least!  Similarly, in a lawsuit against a non-law school, we would not have seen the situation of the Albany Law School lawsuit, where a past valedictorian of the defendant school dismissed the case.  Currently, a past graduate of Brooklyn Law School is deciding the fate of that case as well!  In the normal course, these judges would have recused themselves.  That the judges of the NYLS and Albany lawsuits are friends and past coworkers in the Court of Claims only furthers the image of impropriety, self-protectiveness, and corruption.

In New York, some judges have recognized the embarrassing situation caused by unscrupulous law school factories, which pump out huge numbers of graduates by using fake “employment data” to advertise themselves.  Predictably, instead of these judges doing the right thing, their embarrassment has motivated a total abdication of holding dishonest lawyers and institutions accountable. 

As all of these judges must know, the discovery process underway in other states with identical lawsuits have revealed the fraudulent practices of greedy law schools.  In New York, the discovery process would have aired out all sorts of dirty laundry, which would have helped to purge the secrecy and corruption, allowing young lawyers to trust their profession again.  Yet, it seems as if judges find it more important to avoid prolonged embarrassment caused by the corruption inside their “noble profession,” regardless of the devastation to an entire un-hirable generation buried under six-figure debt.  This would explain the First Department’s terse affirmation of the dismissal of the NYLS lawsuit, which plainly contradicted longstanding precedent without explanation.

No one knows if these lawsuits would have survived summary judgment or trial, but to suffocate them before discovery smells of self-protective corruption.  It perpetuates the cartel image of law schools, judges, and bar associations.  Also, it strains credulity to excuse law schools for using “employment data” to coax students into taking on mortgage-sized debt and to place the entire burden of this scam on young people by telling them: “too bad—you should have known better!”  If these young people were buying chips and placing bets at a casino, this logic might pass the smell test.  However, taxpayer subsidized law schools should be held accountable for performing a ratcheted-up version of the Pigeon Drop on thousands of students.  At the very least, the discovery phase of a lawsuit would have provided a fair method for revealing the depth of the dishonest methods employed by the law schools in their quest for ever-larger class sizes and higher tuition.  The revelation of this information during discovery would have exposed corruption and inspired reform.

Instead, reform looks to be a slower process, undertaken by those of us at the bottom of the food chain with the least power and influence.  Mid-level law school employees will continue to leak (anonymously) documents and information, further revealing the ruthlessly dishonest game of enticing new applicants during this period of free-falling employment numbers.  I suppose the old guard, including the bar organizations and judges, will continue to watch from the sidelines and block any attempts at change.


  1. First, and dang, that's a nice piece of writing!

  2. Thank you for adding your voice to this fight.

    1. Thank you for sticking it out for the long haul. I think you are the only original face of scamblogging that is still alive and kicking these pigs hard in their faces like the Chuck Norris of scamblogging.

    2. I did not see this blog until this morning, around 7 am. I am glad that several people have picked up the flag from Campos. The writing quality is solid. Keep up the good work. Hopefully, it attracts an occasional comment or entry from some of the originals such as Loyola 2L or L4L.

      I feel the need to mention this, because I saw two comments in the prior post - probably from the same guy - where someone said "I'm sure Nando has seen this blog and he hasn't commented here." Also, I did not post on Campos's blog daily. Perhaps, in the last few months, I commented on there 2-3 times a week. I have a full-time job and an infant at home.

      This site should be promoted on JD Junkyard, and similar sites. Also, you should post links to these entries on other sources, such as newspaper articles on education - if the paper allows for such hyperlinks. I also like the idea of posting Youtube videos, regarding the law school scam. Many young people do not read much, not counting their assigned college texts. Good luck, and thanks again for helping in this cause.

    3. forget those idiots nando who complain at everything and everyone. there are always losers who cant handle change or reality and who see us as liars and jerkoffs when they are really talking about themselves. some people need to show some fricking respect especially when talking about people like you and campos who stuck their lives out there and tried to make a real difference. i hope that this blog does not degenerate into a group of commenters bashing each other and bashing the scam and bashing the scambloggers. we need all the help we can get.

  3. I see the judges tossing out these lawsuits as nothing short of old fashioned protectionism and loyalty to the old guard. They are friends with professors and they love speaking gigs at law schools, they want professorships when they retire from the bench, they most likely were educated in a time decades ago when law schools were not the scams they are today, and they can't get their heads around how things could have gone so wrong. And it's offensive to them for a bunch of kids to come along and tell them that law school is a pile of trash today. It makes those old judges on the bench worry that if they allow these cases to proceed, people might look at these mighty prestigious judges and see them as unwitting victims of a scam too. And if there's one thing judges hate, it's being made to look stupid.

    Also, judges are often the most successful of the most successful lawyers. They have not seen failure before. They have never been unemployed or struggled or had it difficult. They just cannot relate to how things are for the bottom half of law grads who will never reach any level of success. Judges just can't believe that some law grads fail so badly.

    And by dismissing these cases, they are showing a clear bias towards law schools, they are showing their personal feelings that these outlandish claims cannot be true, and it's perpetuating the scam.

    And in the future judges will not help either, as they will still be the most successful of the most successful, and will still be loyal to the system that made them successful.

    It's a shame that we don't have a different forum for acheiving justice, one unlike the courts which by definition have a successful insider (and biased) as the referee.

  4. These judges blocking reform are in the same category as scamming law professors and deans and all the other bloated leeches in the system. They should all be exposed for the frauds that they are and put in their place (the gutter).

    I thought judges were there to facilitate justice, not block it.

    This makes blogs like this one even more important. If there is one thing that we have that judges don't it is the ability to reach the masses with our message. We are of the same generation as those who will fall into the scam this year and the next. We can talk to them in their own language and appeal to them as peers, not as some disgusting authority figure.

  5. Yesterday I read a review of an upcoming book about the summer Sylvia Plath spent in New York in 1953. She was interning with Mademoiselle magazine, which was considered a plum gig for a college student. In fact, simply being offered any internship was considered prestigious.

    Now working for free while in college--or after one graduates law school--is considered de rigeur. What do you do if you're not from a well-connected family and can't afford to work for free in the hopes of parlaying your JD into a $50,000 a year job, or an MA into less?

  6. To me the fact that these lawsuits are frequently dismissed underscores the inherent power of law schools and perhaps the university systems as well. After all we are talking about a system which annually extracts millions or perhaps billions of dollars from the federal government to enrich a small group, the same group that is intrinsically linked to the judicial system that is supposed to protect the students and the public from the very same fraud that it benefits from. We all know this.

    The bigger issue is the amount of money involved. We are not talking about a low level racket; this is big time and involves a lot of people with a lot of power and resources, and will be difficult to change. They are not just going to let go of the bone. I believe that this fact may have had something to do with the exit of Paul Campos as well.

    The fact that this movement has seemingly affected the system already is remarkable. Applications are down clearly due to better information being available to applicants, but the problems within the entire system and profession are much greater. As someone who avoided the law 30 years ago I feel as if I was saved by a guardian angel in light of what we are revealing today, but there is much further to go.

    1. it's billions. The law school industry alone is worth 3 to 6 billion.

      -unperson of ETLSS

    2. What is ironic is that in many aspects of life where the level of disclosure has risen (prescription drug warnings, cigarettes, financial advice, etc., it's been lawyers who were instrumental via lawsuits. But when it comes to their own profession ...

      Campos ... weird.

      He mentioned personal and professional pressures. I'd imagine people began muttering about what happens if you bring disrepute to your school or profession. What does that mean for tenure, or maybe bar status.

      And those comments that kept showing up from someone who was obsessed with the idea that he should resign. It seemed to be getting more intense. Campos mentioned how he "didn't have the courage" to quit, something like that. He seemed to take it more seriously than just as anonymous comments.

      Perhaps he got an offer he couldn't refuse.

      Folks have nice jobs ... six-figure packages. They've got reasonable job security and not an immense amount of pressure. They can look around and see how insecure American life is now. Nobody wants to give that up.

  7. Learning to supposedly "think like a lawyer" sounds great, but it doesn't always pay the dire and immediate bills.

    Here are some video scenes from my very first job after law school:

    The painters from Honduras used to call me "Chilito"

    We used to joke about the paint being chocolate colored and therefore delicious :)

    Hence the joke.

    Catraicho, Guanaco, Chapin, Mexicano and from other Latino countries.

    I have met them all thru the painting trade on Long Island, and after going through the wringer of the law school scam, they restored my faith in humanity and the human spirit.

    The Painter Pest

    1. Oh, no. Please God, no.

    2. Yeah, and the silent invisible Latino population will ever live in the dark shadows of the US, that let them in in the first place.

      They stand on every street corner and no one wants to acknowledge that they are even there.

      Great contribution to humanity you are @ 10:04AM

    3. @1033,

      Why, does he live with his parents, too?

      Paintroach, if you actually DO paint houses for a living (which I seriously doubt), then you of all people should be sitting on the Texas-Mexico border with a high-power rifle trying to stop the invaders. This country has too many people and too few jobs.

      I'm glad that YOU aren't competing with anyone for a job. I just wish you'd stop mooching off of society. And your parents.

      Of course, if you're THAT in love with Mexican culture, you could always move there. But lots of luck: all the white supremacist Mexicans actually enforce THEIR border laws.

    4. Ignore these clowns Painter. This blog is for everyone. Why not ask if you can write for them?

    5. @1230,

      I don't know about that, Mr. Man-Boobs Full of Sugar-Milk. It sounds suspiciously like work, which is obviously against the Great Roach Deity.

    6. We will find out who this anon coward is. Sooner or later.

      he is also racist and anti latino based on his past comments.

    7. Haha, yes, because working for a living is racism in its purest form.


    8. @253,

      What exactly do you think you're going to do to me if you DO "find out who [I am]," anyway?

      Transfer your student loans to me somehow? Spend your 50s living with MY parents, perhaps? Or ... ?

    9. If you really are a lawyer you wrote some really sick stuff like telling me you wanted to drive me to suicide last summer, and I don't think you should be in practice.

      So yes I would send a letter to your state bar association and/or C&F

    10. How terrifying. Of course, there could certainly be no more than one person on the Internet who is disgusted by your predatory lifestyle and trashy entitled attitude. Maybe not even one person. Perhaps you're imagining it all; your life choices are SO reasonable, after all.

      Stalker, huh? Actually, I was posting here before you were, so you are "following" me. Hopefully the moderator will be a little sterner with you than Campos was and simply ban your IP prefix outright.

      Would anyone else here care to chime in on that littleproposition, either for or against? How about it, gang? Do you want to read MORE Paintroach poems and YouTube links, or LESS?

  8. The problem with the law school lawsuits is that they are being handled by inefficient and inexperienced attorneys. I read the original complaint that was submitted in the NYLS lawsuit. I don't know where those attorneys went to law school or where they worked before hanging a 2 man shingle but the structure and form of that complaint was piss poor. The complaint could have been easily dismissed via a 12(B) motion to dismiss as it did not meet the Iqbal/Twombly standards of particularity.

    Personally I have no sympathy for the so called victims of the law school scam. For decades, schools have lied about stats. I warned many about the liberal license to which schools use in citing 90% plus Biglaw making $160K a year bullshit. Many kids took the federal loan money and rolled the dice. They lost and now want a bailout. Fuck that. You made your bed and became Sallie Mae's bitch, now play and know your role for the rest of your life. Not every person can take a 3 year vacation to law school and expect not to pay for it in some shape or form.

    1. "Many kids took the federal loan money and rolled the dice. They lost and now want a bailout. Fuck that."

      Says who? The vast majority of scamblogging deals with educating others about the law school scam and helping to shut down these fraudulent institutions. Bailouts are rarely mentioned, except by anonymous law professors with their wishful thinking.

      You career is built on a scam that cannot and will not continue forever. You made your bed and you will lie in it.

  9. The thing to remember is that the scambloggers have won. At this point, the staff and faculty at law schools are just trying to squeeze another couple of years out of the scam before it all becomes crashing down.

    Law school professors may be rejoicing at the demise of ITLLS, but they have to be having nightmares about the Vermont Law School solution - to allow tenured faculty to keep their jobs, but to pay them like adjuncts. And that's if they get to keep their jobs.

    Even for tenured faculty at T-14 schools like Leiter, the world is about to become a much harsher place. Leiter probably isn't going to get much in the way of pay increases going forward, his "research support" is likely to be cut (i.e. if he wants to go to that philosophy conference in Tuscany in August, he's going to have to pay for it himself). We'll probably go back to 1980-style teaching loads at Chicago. According to his faculty page, Leiter taught one course Autumn quarter, and two courses Winter and Spring quarters this year. He is going to look back at that teaching load with a great deal of nostalgia.

  10. great column..another question is whether these judges have ever taken speaking or appearance fees or other money or benefits from law schools or law "profession" organizations.

    Create facebook page and youtube channel and record this post and post it to youtube and share it on facebook. Do that once a week.

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    1. That was, uh, actually good.

    2. No it wasn't. Do not let roaches into the house. Assuming you aren't a sockroachpuppet yourself.

    3. All this roach and anti roach stuff is a real turn off to the message.

    4. @647,

      I agree. Which is why the mod should block the prefix to the roach IP address.

      I didn't come here to read poems and hear about how society should be forced to give the roach a $500,000 birthday present.

    5. Go John go!

    6. Why don't all of those who dislike painter just ignore him? The only responses to Painter that I ever see are those like "shut up you roach!" Otherwise no one seems to care.

    7. Actually, he's been told like 1000 times to get a government job and have his debt discharged in 10 years, but he's too roachy to take good advice. It's the only realistic solution, but the thought of holding down a steady job for ten years just makes his roachskin start crawling.

    8. And P.S., if society IS giving out $500,000 roachpresents, then sign me up and make mine gold. I will use MY half-mil to buy 300 American Buffalo coins.

    9. The government isn't hiring last I checked.

      It just seems to me that he is Exhibit A for the scam. You guys attacking him is like attacking the victim.

      And sometimes he is pretty funny.

    10. @852,

      NEGATIVE. You know how clueless oldtimers who graduated decades ago with $30,000 in debt in a roaring economy just don't understand the way things have changed since then?

      Well FYI, Paintroach is totally in that group, only he was so fucking sorry that he refused to even pay off the $30K or whatever. Because, you know, it was so impossible to find a job in the 1990s.

      Not surprisingly, when you go on strike and refuse to pay your debts, the balance increases. Now he shows up, a wizened cuckoo's egg among the 20-somethings graduating today, demanding that taxpayers give him a half million-dollar roachpresent.

      Total deadbeat. And if you actually think his vapid posts are "funny," then you are probably the kind of guy who enjoys playing with his own turds.

    11. "Now he shows up, a wizened cuckoo's egg among the 20-somethings graduating today"

      9:09 I used to tell you this over at ITLSS, but if you're going to troll, stop making it so painfully obvious by 1) responding to your own comments and 2) using the same phrases repeatedly.

      ZOMG that painter, what a roach. Someone stop him.

    12. Let's see:

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      (3) Thanks for playing.

    13. 1) Random, recent example: (see comments)

      2) (see comments "Pushkin")

      3) No, thank you. Also, go fuck yourself, Leiter.

    14. @1045,

      LOL, busted, Paintroach! Usually when you get caught in a direct lie, you should just sit down and shut up.

      Instead, you double down and post off-topic links and hope nobody will take the time to wade through the entire boring thread. Well, you're right about that part anyway, Roachie-Roach.

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      You never made your comment, and mine is all-original. Google?

      ANYway, you lost the game. And you still live with your parents.


    15. Leiter you are crazier than painter, and a seriously fucked up individual.

    16. Busted loser says what?

      It's not that hard to see through your bullshit. LOL, how crazy of me.

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    18. So you're not Leiter? And since I"m not painter, I guess there's a third obsessive psycho out there. Sorry for the mistake, bro. Happy painter stalking.

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      Look up "wizened" and improve your word power.

      Because I am a taxpayer, I believe that Paintroach is actually stalking me. Somehow I am sure that you are a tax parasite, too. Yep, another bullseye; what do I win?

    20. "what do I win?"

      I guess the right to be ignored by me, the same way that I ignore painter?

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    22. If this nonsense continues, I'm done with this site. Get back on topic.

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      It's the sculptor extraordinaire himself!

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      Maybe you should sculpt a few more taxpayers to support you - you need all the help you can get.

  12. I'll make sure and tweet every article from this blog under #Suits.

  13. I miss Law Prof. Why the hell did he not advice us on the way forward. He doesn't need to blog about the scam anymore if he doesn't want to. But he needs to pull an Obi-won here and come back briefly from the dead and tell those of us still in the scam how to proceed. The master needs to at least hint to his disciples what we need to do to destroy the scam once and for all.

    1. He'll be back when we prove ourselves.

  14. No way, that is not Leiter posting here. I seriously doubt that.

    BTW my debt was about 80K to start, and not 30K. I landed a sales job that paid 36K about a year after getting out of law school. And also, Mr. Infinity didn't even know that JJD was a woman.

    Kids, if you want to pay off your student loans, I guess you should buy Buffalo Nickels or something like that.


    Five kids went to law school
    in Autumn's gothic season.
    Children bright, with much ambition
    without the money for tuition.

    All were dead within five years
    by suicides, so it appears
    and for the selfsame reason
    (read on if you think I'm teasin :)

    They all stepped off the bus at Tar-oh
    early on an August day runaways in Hollywood
    they had to sell temselves to stay.

    In their case it was kind of fun.
    They signed an X
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    No need to worry 'bout tomorrow
    the student loans were there to borrow.

    But on that first and fateful day
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    "What evil place is this?" They asked.
    "What witchcraft lurks inside?
    What force has guided nature's hand
    to cast this dreadful pall?

    They looked around and whispered:

    "Woe betide us all!"


    Five more fun Poems to follow, and I have already posted number four.

    This is all satire in the gothic genre BTW. I was an English Major in College and it has had some influence I guess.

    But why do these poems get some people so damn upset?

    1. Keep going. They are good. Plus good outlet.

    2. See, this is the problem with the student loan money spigot. 40 years ago, someone like Paintroach wouldn't have attended college, let alone law school.

      This mad dash to get everyone a diploma applies to people who CLEARLY have no business going to college, or doing anything other than manual labor.

      And they put on airs.

  15. For example, would you also ban a Poem like this?

    ".........But see, amid the mimic rout,
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    1. So it's not a roach?

      Nice plagiarism. And yes, it should be banned, because it doesn't have anything to do with the blog's topic. Nothing coming from your smelly roach-lair IP address does.

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      Will you ban this idiot's IP address, already? Paintroach is just using this blog to post his drivel because nobody ever, ever goes to his own roach blog.

      If he keeps posting here, the number of readers will fall steadily. Eventually, the roach will be the only one left. Then he'll leave too.

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      If Captain Cucaracha can post anything he likes here, then fine, I'll start posting shit poems all over your page too, and tons and tons of delicious recipes as well.

      Won't that be nice?


  17. This is off topic but I thought some readers here might be interested in a WSJ article on MBA's being a waste of money.

    1. And the link

  18. Very well written article. Glad to see this site keeping things going. I'll continue to do what I can to stop this injustice.

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  21. I agree with what you say. your writing may work with a jury, but that type of advocacy writing style wont have much effect on a judge as your use of the words "greed" and "rich" remind people of the 99% bs which annoyed a vast number of people. class warfare may work on the peasants, but not on those in power.