Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spot the False Law School Myth Game

The below two articles are classic examples of the type of information routinely fed to undergrads to convince them that law school is “a good idea.” Just for sport, let’s play a game of “spot the false law school myth” and see how many we can find. First one to five is the winner. (No need to post a comment on Mr. Applbaum’s essay since he seems to be taking a fairly sound drubbing already.)

The opportunity of law school,” by Aaron Applbaum (The Daily Princetonian)

Prominent lawyer, Phila. Native talks law school,” by Fola Onifade (The Daily Pennsylvanian)


  1. First.

    And from the second article: "He revealed that law school is about learning to think like a lawyer and urged students to immerse themselves in that process."

    Risking being called insolent by that cunt Brian Leiter, how can anybody learn to think like a lawyer from people who have never thought like lawyers?

    It would be like me teaching wine tasters all about the different wines, but me never having drunk anything but apple juice.


  2. Jeeesus, listen to some of these horrific quotes:

    "Yet, according to Princeton University’s Career Services, only 10.6 percent of students from 2011-12 who went to graduate school went to law school. That amounts to 27 people. The number is curiously low..."

    "The law profession is relevant, but aging rapidly, and the room being created for young talent is expanding. There has not been a better time to go to law school in recent memory."

    "Professions in law have long been held in high esteem."

    "There will always be a need for talented and dedicated law professionals."


    It goes on and on and on. It's like every sentence is a myth or a lie!


    "According to University of Chicago law professor Brian Leiter, law schools are now down 18.9 percent in total applicants and 22 percent in total applications for the 2013 admissions cycle."

    Leiter? Really?

    "Since Princeton students tend to have the focus, resolve and problem-solving skills to successfully make it in the world of law..."

    "The quality of the applicant pool is also decreasing; fewer qualified people are choosing to go into law. One cause of this could be the dearth of opportunities that exist for those who have completed the arduous and expensive process of going through law school."

    "The opportunity for the interested and dedicated few to revitalize the system seems to now."

    "Princeton students tend to be of the caliber that would revamp the increasingly bad output of law schools."

    "In this seeming crisis it might be the right time for the right people to get into an important profession."

    "If one were to try and exploit a space that is lacking in the market, to fill a somewhat neglected niche, the law seems to be a good option, or at least one that ought to be explored. Total jobs are fewer than they were in 2004, but the space for highly qualified lawyers is expanding."


    I have never heard such a stream of pure trash since, er, since reading Leiter's latest blog posts. But the author of this junk, Aaron Applbaum, should be ashamed of himself. What an ill-informed, dangerous piece of writing. How about next week he chooses to write about a path in life that will cause less damage, like drug addict, prostitute, or even drug-addicted prostitute.

    His email address, in case you want to contact this fool personally, is

  3. Aaron Applbaum's FB page:

    And you can see his dweebish, idiotic, grinning mug in this photo too:

    He's the douchebag holding onto the railings in the center, wearing what looks like a quilted jacket.

    Applbaum - STFU. Seriously. You have no idea what you are talking about.