Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Comment Warrior Alert for U S News & World Report

The U S News & World Report is heavily featuring the newly released law school rankings. All of the feature articles are accepting comments. Head on over and let them know what you think about all things law school and invite a few applicants and their parents to google "law school scam."

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  1. First.

    Also, let us know what you think about the links to such articles as "Law School Grads find Temp jobs in tough legal market"



  2. Yes, direct them here and to the other good sources. Counter the industry propaganda. FYI: It appears you must have a facebook or yahoo or hotmail account to comment...

  3. Exactly. The law schools may have the ability to distribute propaganda but we have the ability to counter it in the comments section. The prospective law students may not read all the media sources but their parents (many of whom are co-signing those student loans) do.

  4. Visiting now...

  5. THree things:

    (1) I'm very impressed and heartened by the quality of the posting and commentary here. You're doing great work, and I'll do what I can to publicize it.

    (2) New graduate debt figures are out. Brian T. and me both have comments on them at Balkinization and LGM respectively.

    (3) I went to the law school alumni banquet last night and was struck by what a distorted view law school administrators get by spending all their time hanging around people who have either given them big pots of money or who they're trying to convince to do so, and/or big deal politicians, judges etc. OTOH some lip service was given to how bad things are right now so that's something. On yet a third hand, a current 3L who asked me whether she should drop out more than a year ago, just as she was starting her 2L second semester (I told her that in her particular situation I probably would drop out but of course I wasn't her etc etc) came up to me and said she was here to "network." She said it in a way that made clear she was no longer buying what law school is selling, which is progress (I'm hearing a lot more straight out cynicism from current students) but also depressing of course.

    1. LawProf lives! (Despite Leiter's best efforts.)

      It is good to hear that from what you're seeing, students are more cynical. I hope some of that is trickling down to the applicants.

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