Thursday, April 11, 2013

Law School News Round Up

"Drexel to offer two-year law degree,"  by Associated Press (

Money Quote: "With enthusiasm for law school waning over concerns about high student debt, Drexel University is creating a two-year degree program designed to help new attorneys get into the workforce sooner and start making money. The accelerated juris doctor degree program at the Earle Mack School of Law will require the same amount of coursework and cost the same as the traditional three-year degree — about $37,000 tuition per year, plus room and board." (Emphasis added.)

If I am reading this correctly, the two-year degree is going to cost the same as the three-year degree. The only difference is you "start making money" sooner?!?


Money Quote: "While some law schools are choosing to cut their class sizes due to souring job prospects and declining applications, it's business as usual for the University of Michigan Law School." The article goes on to claim U of M has 95% of its 2011 law grads employed. Nice debate going on in the comment section of the article.


"New UC Law School a Bad Idea," by Dan Walters (

Money Quote: "CPEC was absolutely correct six years ago in concluding that the state had more than enough lawyers and didn't need another expensive, taxpayer-subsidized law school. There is -- or should be -- a lesson in this tale."

Mr. Walter's writes an "I told you so" column.


Interesting chart on employment outcomes in California law schools clearly shows the food chain.


"Law schools get 'lawyered," by Kevin Simms (The Bottom Line)

Good round up of the various class actions filed against various law schools.


  1. Enthusiasm for law school is waning because of the lack of employment opportunities...which then raises the concerns about repaying the money borrowed.

    The Job part comes first; with that, there's income to repay a student loan. The notion of reducing the time spent in law school (which carries merely the tangential illusion of not increasing tuition) is ridiculous because it fails to address that Job thing.

    Even if law school tuition fell to $10,000/year, such an expense is unjustified (and impossible to repay) when unemployment or severe underemployment is the likely result.

    Having students spend less time in law school won't solve anything. Having fewer students and fewer schools will.

    Law schools can't control the legitimate job market. Although they can control the number of students and their own number (by electing to close), they have historically choosen not to. So now, time in law school is the only manipulatable variable.

    Most students should spend NO time in law school.

  2. Another roundup of lawsuits

  3. Drexel will allow some students only TWO years to enjoy the campus cookie truck????! Heartless!

  4. Good stories.

    Drexel offering the two year JD is mindblowing. Two years, but you pay three years for it?

    The school gives you 33% LESS services, but charges you the same? And expects a pat on the back?

    Only in the fucked-up JD world would that fly. I wonder what other industry could get away with that.

    Cars? 33% less features on the new Ford Explorer, but it's the same price? Nah.
    Food? 33% smaller chocolate bar than before, but the same price? Still not working.
    Vacation? 33% less days off per year, but you still get paid the same? Nooo.
    Cock size? 33% less girth and length, but the same pleasure? I doubt it.

    The law school scammers have no limit to their tricks and spin. A two year JD for two years of tuition is cool. Paying more for less is retarded.

    Oh, just thought of something that might benefit. Leiter. He could take a 33% cut in weight and still be as dickish and obnoxious as he is now.

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  7. Why stop at a two-year JD? Why not offer a one-year JD? Better yet, a five-minute JD where lemmings just show up, sign a $150k promissory note, and walk out the door with a law degree. After all, they be able to hit the market right away and start earning that lawyer money.