Friday, April 12, 2013

Foolish Contradictions of Scam-Deniers‏

I won't add to the smackdown that JeffM has gotten elsewhere, both here and on JDUnderground (everyone but he himself is aware of it; his self-esteem is protecting him well. He almost had me persuaded at one point). I would add one thing to address his arguments further. He does what I might call the self-contradictory combination of selective out-of-context facts and woo-woo: 
Out-of-context Fact: "There is enough demand for legal services that the median income for those who hold occupations as attorneys is $115k."
But that doesn't count unemployed attorneys and includes big-pocket BigFlaw partners!
Woo-Woo: "It doesn't matter whether we can absorb 1 million grads. I don't plan my day tomorrow on the off-chance a North Korean nuke will hit my back-yard."
But what if everyone adopts your attitude: there still wouldn't be enough jobs? 
Out-of-Context fact: "It's a false proposition. The statistics will NOT LIE. Period. This, by definition, means that there will always remain a sizable segment who will NOT adopt the right approach."
Statistics? Why do you think your own personal career, started decades ago, applies to others, especially recent grads?
Woo-Woo: "I don't care to philosophize about it. I am more of a non-fiction sort of person."
And so, we see that if even if we know nothing else, a self-contradiction cannot be so. O, you silly Scam-Deniers!


  1. The error in your thinking is that you're viewing it as a system and not as an individual. All you have to do is make sure you - one person - survives. JeffM gives out tickets to the lifeboat; if you're stopping to help the people drowning on the lower decks, you're a no-good hippie socialist who doesn't deserve to live in 'Merica.

    Systemic problems don't/shouldn't affect you. Follow the Boomer and look out only for No. 1!

    1. And what are YOU doing to "help" them, exactly? Complaining?

      You certainly aren't sending them any money.

  2. The pigs simply do not give a damn about their current students or recent grads. They are a means to an end, i.e. the "professors" are more than willing to financially ruin legions of students, if that's what it takes for their bloated, big-ass salaries to continue.

  3. Bootstraps-and-positive thinking for people who are suffering. Our culture is sick with that strain of cruel hypocrisy. Maybe some lower-tier law school could hire jeffm as a motivational speaker.

    The $115,000 median lawyer income is scammer Exhibit B, right after the 98% placement rates. I would like to know the median income for JDs, subject to these constraints: (1) only JDs who graduated from law school within the last 10 years are considered in the sample; (b) a JD is not excluded from the sample simply because he or she cannot find a law job, and is therefore not a practicing lawyer; and (c) the JD's income must be derived from the practice of law.

    Subject to these constraints, it is likely that the true median income is zero, or close to it.

    1. Why the median, Dyb? Using statistical tricks against law schools - that's just not fair!

      Use the mean ("average" for the "I went to law school b/c I suck at math" crowd), and you'll get a more representative sample that includes those 8th-years making 500k and the many, many grads from 2002-on who have made partner and are rollin' in the Benjis.

  4. What the hell, Tony Robbins was able to talk people into burning their bare feet by walking over hot coals.

    And that little fiasco won't hurt Robbins,the positive thinker, or his business interests in the least. For that is the power of money.

    The screaming in pain people with burned feet simply were "out of state" and didn't have the right positive attitude or their heads right.

    I sure wish the Law School Truth Center would stop commenting on his own comments. Ho Humm

    1. And *I* wish that a certain paintroach (who keeps SAYING he's too good for this site) would stop posting comments here.

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