Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Administrative matters and a small favor needed

After this week's drama, I have a few administrative matters:

1.  New writers are still welcome. If you have a voice and you can commit to some kind of regular level of posting - perhaps twice a month, preferably more - then please email me at  Other bloggers here, please add your email addresses to your posts (if you want to) so that readers can contact you.

2.  If you just have a piece that you want published here, email it over and we'll get it out there for you.  Guest posts are more than welcome.  Same email address, or the email address of your favorite blogger here.

3.  Kind of linked to the above, although I think that TALP had a bit of a hissy fit and should probably have cooled off before quitting, she did make a fair point: we do need participation and help. Whether that's just posting comments, or emailing us leads, or helping out with individual bloggers' projects to get the word out, I'm not entirely sure that this can be an entirely "informational" or "passive" blog, nor was that my intention when getting it up and running.  ITLSS has already done that, and done it very well.  OTLSS was supposed to be the next step, not a copycat blog.  The word needs to be spread, and it's not going to spread itself.  The easy part has already been done by the scamblogs of old - developing the message.  Now it's the hard part, which is spreading the message.  Just relying on Google to pick this blog up doesn't cut it. I don't expect the activism that TALP had hoped for, but I think we can all agree that just reading and nodding our heads in somber agreement without doing more to spread the word outside this blog is far less than we're capable of.

Now the small favor:

I screwed around with the logo by accident, and lost the original while I was trying to add the email contact address to it.  The title now looks messy and off-color and fuzzy.  So put your graphic design skills to work and send us something new.

The image must be 600 pixels wide, must contain the blog name, and must contain the contact email address.  Other than that, go to town and give us something cool and new and fresh.  Anything goes.  I'll post submissions.  Like Google Doodles, we can rotate through them or change them at will.  If you have something seasonal, or weird, or whatever, send it in and we'll get it up.


  1. I had no idea the Adjunct Law Professor was a woman until now.

    1. Really? With a temper like that? Probably right before that 'time of the month' too.

    2. The only blood shed yesterday was her own. Into a tampon.

      Good riddance to her. All she did was post a couple of Leiter fartbreath pictures and then tell us what an alcoholic she was.

      Time to move on. I like the logo idea. Something small like that can have people coming back day after day.

    3. And you guys wonder why she didn't want to stick around!

      I'm not sure how you missed the fact that TALP was female if you ever read comments. There were always one or two creepy sexist responses to her posts.

    4. Agreed. This blog must have a very male readership because the fact that these kinds of comments get posted without any complaints is shameful.

      I would be very interested in a roll call to see what the percentage of males to females is here. I bet over 90% male.

      Probably because females can either blow their way into jobs (I saw so many pretty but retarded females in my law school getting jobs because they obviously sucked dick or looked like they would suck dick), and if that fails all they need to do is start sucking the dick of some geeky smart male law student who has a job lined up that will support both of them.

      Women get it so fucking easy. Yes there is a bit of a glass ceiling for the few of them that are motivated and actually want those jobs at the top, but in general they can fuck or marry their way to stability.

      Any reasonably attractive woman can just pull down her panties and get men to do whatever she wants them to do. Any reasonably attractive man who does that gets arrested.

    5. You say 'the fact that these kinds of comments get posted without any complaints is shameful' and then post one yourself. Bravo. Seriously, I have cognitive dissonance whiplash from reading this comment.

  2. This post describes the difficulty of blogs. The work falls in the laps of a handful of authorized people. It is not an open-community type of arrangement.

    Look at Wikipedia. It's open-community, and it grows and grows.

    There are also forums. JDUnderground, I would imagine, requires a very minimal administrative effort. Yet, it is very active. I have unsuccessfully urged the admin at JDU to transition over to phpBB as the forum's software platform.

    phpBB blows the socks off of the one that is currently being used. It has features galore, such as various user permissions - admins, mods, registered users, guests, etc. It has nasty language filters to replace bad words with ***. It has private messaging and "contact by email." It has the ability to create hidden or exclusive sub-forms for access by only permitted people. The list just goes on and on. Really, this ought to be done. I have considered it, but I would only do it if there was popular demand. If everyone is content with JDU the way it is, it's fine by me. I don't want to compete; I just want better features.

    phpBB can be installed and set up in a matter of a few hours. If you guys want to consider it, I'll show you how.

    1. This really is a good idea. Crowd-source it.

      Along these lines, I'll add that it might be worthwhile to expand the site's focus to include additional higher-ed and economic topics. Personally, I've never spent a single day in Law School, but I've been a regular scamblog reader dating back to early Campos because student debt, the recession, and our crappy education system are issues of broad concern.

  3. Well she can bring home the bacon :)