Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Bidding War for CSOL

We'll have fresh, non-CSOL content tomorrow, but for today, I wanted to direct everyone's attention to Law School Lemmings.  Our friends at LSL have reached deep in their generous hearts and have decided to make an offer to purchase the Charleston School of Law.
We will consider purchasing the assets of Charleston School of Law for 2 bitcoins (2 BTC, about $474.26) set to BTC value at time of this publication [2]. We may also consider offering possible buyouts of tenured faculty for a flat fee of 1 bitcoin (1 BTC) each, approved at our sole discretion and contingent on recording a video formally apologizing to their students and alumni...
Of course, you need to go to LSL and read the other conditions and disclaimers.

Inspired by (and shamelessly ripping off) their post, I would like to publicly make a legitimate and binding offer for my own personal LLC to purchase Charleston School of Law for $3.50 (a/k/a tree fiddy).  Such a sale would be contingent on formally changing the name to Charleston Facult√© de Droit, instituting my own personal bare-bones legal education plan (for full details, send an email), the authorities acquiescing, and my LLC having the right to all future profits without any exposure to current CSOL debts.

If accepted by midnight eastern time, I will draft the sale documents free of charge.

Does anyone else want to enter the bidding war for CSOL?


  1. 5 lbs of rotten fowl, with the condition that The Owners 'run the guantlet' with dissatisfied current and former students, and the faculty be allowed to obtain employment only if their bosses are current and former students.

  2. Here's two dollars, dollface 'cause that's just what you're worth!


    "I'll make it one! And that's my FINAL offer!"

    (1 penny. Not one dollar, btw)

  4. I'd be willing to purchase the outhouse for $10 and then tear it down brick by brick.

  5. I'll buy the school's intellectual property portfolio for $100.00, but no one gets to ask about the foul things I'm going to do with it.

  6. Speaking of Infilaw.

    White House published an anti-Gainful-Employment-Rule lobbying letter by Inflilaw.

    It's a fascinating read, full of lies:

    Such lies include that the ABA doesn't allow law schools to admit students without an LSAT, and that schools may not be accredited if their first-time bar passage rates drop too low!! [Yeah, right, someone go tell Thomas Jefferson that.]

    Infilaw implies that the Dept. of Ed. actually looked at which law schools would close in designing the GE rule...apparently ever law school in Missouri is pure shit; per Infilaw.

    It's Very Fucking Interesting what The Industry says behind closed doors about its graduates and industry graduates in general are doing financially - basically they plead for mercy claiming the JOB MARKET IS FUCKED!

    The GE rule should be applied to all. law. schools. All. law. schools.

  7. I have an old, out-of-date, NYC subway token ....

  8. To continue: Basically, these 2 clowns were trying to use the Infilaw sale as their "fixer" after they looted the school. It's unreal.. And they're crying Spilt Milk because the fixer got whacked and is lying face-down in the river. And now there's no other fixer on the horizon.

    It doesn't really get any lower than this. The worst thing, IMO, that can happen now is that the remaining students are stupid enough to continue on a Teach Out Plan and do not take the opportunity to discharge their student loans.

    1. They ain't crying. They got their $25 million and are laughing their asses off. It's the scam profs left holding the bag who are crying. Also, off topic - looks like Pace is in trouble. With a 5 million deficit, salaries are being slashed and the Dean is making threats against anyone who talks to the media. Interesting times.

  9. Both of these criminals who perpetuated this scam on the American public should be in jail, except the fact that no one in government has any balls to take the scumbag lawyers head on.

  10. A copper ha'penny and the fruits of my morning constitutional.