Friday, November 3, 2017

Toilets Я Us, Part II: InfiLaw's Florida Coastal not complying with ABA standards

Is InfiLaw striking out?

Arizona Summit was placed on probation in March. Strike one.

Charlotte closed down in August. Strike two.

Now Florida Coastal has received a letter from the ABA advising of non-compliance with standards requiring "a rigorous program of legal education", sufficient "academic support", and "sound admissions policies and practices". Florida Coastal had to answer these charges in writing by November 1 and has been called to appear before the ABA's Accreditation Committee next March.

Will this be the last pitch in InfiLaw's ninth inning? Time for a little music:

Take me out of the law school,
Take me out of the scam.
JDs from boxes of Cracker Jack;
Student loans that will ne'er be paid back.
Down the chute, chute, chute go the test scores;
Deans and shareholders don't give a damn.
But it's one, two, three strikes, you're out
Of the law-school scam.


  1. Score one for Alan Collinge :)


  3. For $ome rea$on, the regulators don't go after the "non-profit" law schools for the same behavior.

    1. It seems that the ABA has decided to throw the for-profit schools to the wolves to try and draw attention away from the huge numbers of non-profits which are almost as bad.

    2. That may simply be a coincidence. The ABA aggressively promotes the law-school scam but has to be seen as doing something about it, so it picks on a couple of the most atrocious law schools while giving 190 others a pass. It so happens that certain for-profit law schools—notably Arizona Summit, Florida Coastal, Cooley, Thomas Jefferson, Appalachian—are the easiest targets, notwithstanding InfiLaw's efforts to exert influence within the ABA.
      I don't think that the ABA is going after the for-profit toilets on purpose; it's just that they happen to be the low-hanging fruit.

    3. Cooley, Thomas Jefferson, and Appalachian are all non profits.

  4. A month and a half after Indiana Tech Law School closed down, the ABA decided to withdraw the toilet school's provisional approval:

    I couldn't make this shit up.